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Friday, December 16, 2022

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Joe Mettle – Songs Of Gratitude (Live) Download and Lyrics

Joe Mettle – Songs Of Gratitude (Live) Download

Ghanaian gospel singer Joe Mettle release “Songs Of Gratitude” from his latest album “THE KADOSH,” with its official live video release.  In the moving piece, Mettle also emphasizes the need to always be thankful.

“Songs Of Gratitude” is the 7th track on “THE KADOSH” (Live) – an 11-track body of work featuring guest appearances from Prophet Edem, Niiella, and Eben.

Listen and Download:

Joe Mettle – Songs Of Gratitude Lyrics
So God, You're so good (hey)God, You are kind, ohGod (You are wonderful)(My God, You are excellent)Excellent is Your name, everybody sing, say
Excellent is Your nameThat's a good GodExcellent is Thine power (excellent is Thine power)You are Wonderful say (Lord)You are (You are wonder-) oh (-ful) my GodMy God (my God)Can we all just together, lift our voicesAll over this place, one more timeSay, excellent is Your name, say
Excellent is Your nameExcellent is the power sayExcellent is Thine powerYou are a Wonderful God, say(God) You are (You are wonderful)(My God, You are) one more time(Excellent) excellent is Your name, say
Eh hey, hey, hey-eh, say(Excellent is Your power)You are wonderful, say(God, You are wonderful)(My Lord, You are excellent) ExcellentIs Your nameAnd excellent is Thine powerEverything about You is amazingOh God, You are won, wonderfulMy Lord (You are-)
Because, He's goodAnd His (mercies shall en-) He's a good God (-dure)Because the Lord is good, sayBe- (-cause), He's good (He's good)And His mercy (and His mercy shall)
Oye, na N'adɔeɛ wɔ hɔ daaHey, hey, heyOye, na (N'adɔ-) ah, ah (-eɛ) ah, come on proclaim it (wɔ hɔ daa) eh
Oye o, say (Oye)Yehowa ye (Yehowa ye)Oye (Oye, na N'adɔeɛ) na N'adɔ- (wɔ hɔ daa)Sing it one more time, Oye o, oh(Oye) Yehowa ye (Yehowa ye)Oye (Oye, na N'adɔeɛ wɔ hɔ daa)
Yie ei, sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a, ehWoka yɛn hoYeah, ɛnyɛ Wo (sɛ ɛnyɛ) Awurade a (Wo Awurade a)Woka yɛn ho (Woka) eh (yɛn ho)
Everybody sing, sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a, ahWoka yɛn hoSɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade aWoka (Woka) yɛn ho (yɛn ho) sing it one more time
Say, sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade aWoka yɛn hoSɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade aWoka yɛn ho
Anka yɛbɛyɛ deɛn? We're almost doneAnka (yɛawu) can we just enjoy this moment, heySɛ ɛnyɛ (Wo Awurade a)Woka yɛn ho
Oh, Sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a, ah, ahWoka (yɛn) if it had not (ho) being for the LordHe is on our side (ɛnyɛ Wo) ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a (Awurade a)(Woka) just give me two minutes, two minutes to, (yɛn ho) to wrap up this place
Yie ei, sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade o, oh, oh, oh, oh(Woka yɛn ho) oh, oh-ohSɛ ɛnyɛ (Wo Awurade a)Woka yɛn ho
Enti yɛda W'ase a, ɛnsa da oYɛyi W'ayɛ a (ɛnsa da o)Give it to Him tonightYɛda W'ase a, ɛnsa da o, whoaYɛyi W'ayɛ a (ɛnsa da o)
Yɛda W'ase a, ɛnsa da oW'adom ne Wo mmɔborɔhunu ntiYɛyi W'ayɛ a, (ɛnsa) Wo (da o) nhwɛso paOh, yɛda W'ase aHow you (ɛnsa) delievered (da o) and set us freeYeah, eh, eh, yɛyi W'a-(W'ayɛ a, ɛnsa da o)
Wo ne Nyame a, Woma yɛdi no yieWo ne Nyame a, Wode yɛn kɔ ba daa ah, ah, ah
Yɛda W'ase a (ɛnsa da o)Yeah (yɛyi W'ayɛ a, ɛnsa da o) ɛnsa da oYɛda W'ase a (ɛnsa da o)Yɛyi W'ayɛ a, ɛnsa da o
Yɛda W'ase a, ɛnsa da oWe're done, thank You Father(Yɛyi W'ayɛ a) if there's any (ɛnsa da o) thanksgiving 'your lips'On your lips, you wanna give it to Him tonightYɛda W'ase a (ɛnsa da o)Yɛyi W'ayɛ a (ɛnsa da o)
Enti, wɔn a wɔnnim yɛn NyameSɛ wɔansom No a, (ɛnyɛ hwee)I need some worshippers in this room right now, come onYɛ' de, yɛ- (nim), yɛ' deɛ yɛnim yɛn Nyame no, ehYɛbɛsom No, eh (daa daa)
Everybody say, wɔfrɛ no say(Wɔfrɛ no) Jesus (Jesus Christ)Tumi nyinaa ara (tumi nyinaa ara hyɛ Ne) eh (nsa)(Yɛn deɛ yɛnim yɛn Nyame) yɛbɛsom No o(Yɛbɛsom No daa) one more time (daa)
Oh, wɔfrɛ no say(Wɔfrɛ no) Jesus (Je-) Christ (-sus Christ)(Tumi nyinaa ara hyɛ Ne nsa)Yeah eh, eh (yɛn de yɛnim yɛn Nyame)Yɛbɔsom No o daa daa
Yɛ' de yɛnim yɛn Nyame No aYɛbɔsom (No o)Just some two minutes before we go to the next thingYɛ' de yɛnim yɛn NyameYɛbɔsom (No o daa daa)
Awurade, Woama yareɛ apare meWoama animguase apare meWoama ɔhaw apare me a (ɛdɔɔso)Awurade, Woama osu apare meWoama owuo apare me, hahaWoama ɔhaw apare me ah, ah, ah-ah (ɛdɔɔso)
Enti 'afe' retete gu (hey)Na meda so mekonkɔn hɔ a'Afe' retete guNa meda so mete nkwa mu a, Ɔhene ei
A- (W'adeɛ a Woayɛ ama me yi) Awurade ei(Ɛdɔɔso o) ehOnyame, Wofata ayeyi
Somebody will be asking, "oh, why all these things?", ButSometimes I feel like we don't thank God enough (yeah)Many things that sometimes we trust God forThe keys are in our, our hands but sometimes we don't even apply themAnd I love how the Message Bible puts it inIn the Book of Psalms, I think hundredIt says, "Enter with the password, Thank You"Which means that the password I've always needed all this timeWas in my handAll I needed to do is to show some gratitude
Sometimes I ask myselfGod, why is thanksgiving so important to You?And I realize that, thanksgiving is not for GodMost of the times, it's for usHave you realized that, whenever we thank GodWe receiveWe give Him thanks and we receive other things in returnBut you realize that when we hold the thanksgivingWhich is the keyMany things stop
And so sometimes, the things that we are trusting Him forThe Bible says thatWhen those nine left andOne came back to say thank you to JesusI'm sure what He was saying in 'was'In His mind was, "Don't they want to be made whole?"Not that I really need this thanksgivingHe said, "Don't they want to be made whole?"They thought this is- ehJesus told that one
Go, your faith has made you wholeMaybe that healing you thought you receivedIs not the complete packageBut only if you would be grateful for that oneYou'd be amazed at the many thingsThat God intends to do for youCan you just take one more minute and say, thank YouThere's a breakthrough you're trusting God forBut that thank You is about to unlock some doorsYou'd be shocked
You'll leave here and say, ohAfter tonight, God did some amazing things in my lifeOh, I say not things I've heardBut things that I've encountered and experiencedThat God is able to do, to doHe's able to doHe's a God of PossibilitiesThings that are impossible for menAre the things that our God does with easeOh-
I know you came for a recording, but listenThere's something, happening hereGod gave me a word, for somebodyThat after tonight, things are-Are about to shiftBut only if you will acknowledgeThat He God is the source of the things, haHe said, "I will do exceedingly"
Not only, exceedinglyBut I will do abundantlyAbove all that you can ever think or imagineCome on somebody, open your mouthThere's a breakthrough waiting for youBut that breakthrough needsYour heart of thanksgivingI wish God will open your eyes to see what is happening in this placeWhoa
Adeɛ a Woayɛ ama meEh dɔɔso oMany were the thingsOnyame, Wofata (ayeyi)
Meda W'ase o, me NyankopɔnMeda W'ase o (daa)Meda W'ase o, Woayɛ bi ama me(Meda W'ase o daa) eh
W'adeɛ (a Woayɛ yi) eh(Meda W'ase o daa) yeahW'adeɛ a Woayɛ yiYɛda (meda W'ase o-)
Yɛ- (daa) -da W'aseThe last one before we go on, eiAwurade Nyankopɔn
Say yɛda W'ase o, say(Yɛda W'a-se Awura-de Nyan-) oh (-kopɔn)Yɛda W'ase daa say (yɛda W'a-se Awurade Nyan-ko-pɔn
Yɛda (W'ase Awurade Nyan-)There are doors opening in this roomDoors, doors, doorsDoors in livesYɛda Wase o, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh (yɛda-)Oh, you've been trusting God (W'a-)For that opening, but (-se)He said, "Only if you will thank me"After tonight, after you've given Me thanks
I'm about to open those doors unto youEh, yɛda, yɛda W'ase o, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh (yɛda) whoaI want to continue, but God is doing something in this placeLet's give me just two more minutesSomething is happeningAwurade Nyan-Doors, doors, doors, I hear in my spiritDoors, are about to open
Yɛda W'ase o, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh(Yɛ-) ei (-da), some of you its scholarshipSome of you, there are cases you're trusting God to vindicate youBut, He said I'm your lawyer, I'm your judgeEh-ya, ya, ya, ya, yɛda, yɛda, yɛda W'ase oYɛ-(-da W'a-) whoa, whoa (-se) whoa (Awura-) whoa, whoa (-de)Nyankopɔn
Yɛda W'a- (-se)Father we thank You (Awura-), thank YouThank You, thank You, thank You (-kopɔn)Begin to celebrate Him in this placeHe's a great God, wowWhoa'Se Awurade Nyankopɔn (-kopɔn)Eh-eh, eh-eh, eh, yeah, yeah, yeah-eh-eh (yɛda)'Finish this in ten minutes, don't worry(W'a-se Awura-de Nya-) thank You (kopɔn)


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